The African American Interpretive Center of Minnesota


A non-profit dedicated to sharing the history of Black Minnesotans.



The African American Interpretive Center of Minnesota (AAICM) is dedicated to sharing black Minnesota history through exhibitions and events.
The African American Interpretive Center will be the preeminent space for the community to reflect on the black experience in Minnesota centered on themes of history, identity, culture, the arts, and community building.
We incorporate the history, stories and legacies of black Minnesotans in our exhibits in order to fairly represent the contribution that this community has made to Minnesota society.
We will remain dedicated to offering programs that allow our patrons to gain access to knowledge via traditional and community resources.
To explore and find a sense of self within our wider society.
To complete all work with the highest level of transparency and accountability to our community and the public.


Exhibitions and Events


1967: The Plymouth Ave. Rebellion
AAICM’s 1967: The Plymouth Ave. Rebellion explores the unrest that occurred on July 19-21, 1967 on Minneapolis' Northside via a photo/audio-visual exhibition.
Date: Feb. 9-May 9

Venue: New Rules

Exhibition description:
Sometimes it is hard to self-reflect. As the nation found itself engulfed in flames during the "long, hot summer" of 1967, we cannot forget that Minneapolis was also grappling with its own racial strife. Unemployment in the young black community, police brutality and unequal housing practices were just some of the obstacles that transplants and natives alike were facing.

Gallery hours:
Monday- 11AM - 7 PM
Tuesday - 11AM - 7 PM
Wednesday - 11AM - 7 PM
Thursday - 11AM - 7 PM
Friday - 11 AM - 3 PM
CLOSED Sat. and Sun.

Exhibit questions:
Venue Info: New Rules -

Please visit the venue website to make sure there are no planned events occurring on the day you would like to visit the exhibit.


Minnesota's Black Past in Photographs
Inaugural Exhibition
April 2017

WWI: The Black Experience
Panel Discussion
June 2017

AAICM's Lindy Hop Fundraiser
Inaugural Fundraiser
October 2017



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